This week has certainly been a week of numbers for me. Tuesday I had my +90 Day chimerism blood test which based on the +30 and the +60 test results, I expect to them to confirm I’m still around 95% donor. This is exactly where I should be at this point, in truth every being declared 100% is very doubtful. As I’m passed the 90 Day mark the consultant has decided to start to decrease my cicliosporine. I was taking 225mg twice daily, this has been reduced to 200mg daily and the current plan is to reduce my dosage by 25mg per week unless of course there are signs of GvHD. With each week, I feel life is becoming more and more my own rather than belonging  / being dictated to by my blood cancer. Coming off the cyclosporine is a titanic step forward, it carries a number of risks as the likelihood of GvHD rises, even so I’m staying positive that the team at Barts and I are making headway and moving in the right direction.

Whilst at clinic this week I was given my immunisation record sheet which I have to organise with my GP, now that I’m post 90 days. I start next week with the first of a number of vaccines to provide me with immunity to illness’s. These are vaccines which are normally administered to children, as my new immune system is in its infancy due to the loss of all my (old Rachel) immune system and the donor vaccines not coming over with the his stem cells I have to start again. Just as with the reduction of my ciclosporine this very much feels like a step in the right direction.

The stabbing is never ending.

The fundraising efforts continue and my personal total is slowly creeping up, I’m utterly amazed and over the moon that I have raised £4490 for Anthony Nolan. It’s wonderful to know firstly that I’m giving something back and secondly that I could have helped provide hope to another person suffering from blood cancer. Along with the steady climb of my fundraising total I have also been training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge which is only 13 days away!!! Yesterday a friend, who was crazy enough to agree to partake in the challenge, and I walked 16 miles through the Chilterns.

16 mile 02
We even managed to smile through most of the walk!!

We did have a couple of minor detours due to misleading information even so we completed the walk in 7 hours and 30 minutes which according to the target time for that particular walk was a respectable time. Compared to walking with a random group in the Lakes, I found walking with a friend, putting the world to rights etc. was much more enjoyable. I also take lots of snacks with me to keep my energy levels up. I munched  a snack an hour and cleverly saved the jelly babies and colin the caterpillars until the last hour or two which very like a much deserved treat. As a result my energy levels were absolutely fine, my biggest bug bear was that my heels were fed up with carrying me for over seven hours and my abductors were feeling the effect or the constant walking. Today, I have 2 blisters and stiff abductors but otherwise I’m pleased to report I feel pretty good this has enormously boasted my confidence for the big challenge.

Now….who was I thinking of when I decapitated this jelly baby?!?!